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Surf City Real Estate for Sale and Beach Rentals:

Surf City Long Beach Island (LBI) has some of the most desirable beachfront property for sale and beachfront rentals. Surf City is both an excellent place to buy and rent beach homes and vacation properties, because of Surf City central location to the beach, bay and shopping. Easy access to dining and shopping only add Surf City as a top choice for buying or renting beach homes and other vacation properties.

About Surf City, Long Beach Island

Surf City is one of the most popular towns on LBI and has a year round population of almost 1400, but during the summer season, the area is host to several thousands of vacationers. The borough was renamed Surf City by a resolution of the Borough Council in May 26, 1899, but was originally formed as Long Beach City in 1894, from portions of Stafford Township.

Originally called Great Swamp, with cedar and oak trees extendeing along almost the entire northern end of the island, the first of many hotels on the island, the Mansion of Health, was built here in 1821. The hotel did not do as well as the boarding houses at Tucker's Island and Bond's, and by the 1850's the Mansion of Health was deserted and eventually burned down.

In 1874 the resort community of Beach Haven was established and 1875, the residents of the Great Swamp area (now sometimes referred to as Old Mansion) elected to call their town Long Beach City, in an effort have their community to acquire the same prestige and popularity. However, the name lasted for only nineteen years because it was too similar to other area names such as Long Beach, Long Branch and Long Island. The name Surf City was selected and has been used since 1894.

The Surf City Hotel, which is located at Long Beach Blvd and 8th street, was built atop the foundations of the old Mansion of Health on 7th Street above Central Avenue. It was moved to its present site just after the railroad came to the island in 1886. This placed the building just across the street from the train station. The hotel changed names a couple of times. It was the Long Beach Inn, then the Marquette Hotel, and finally received its present name around 1920.

Municipal Offices
Borough Hall
813 Long Beach Blvd.
Surf City, NJ 08008
Phone: (609) 494-3064

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