Ship Bottom

Ship Bottom Rentals and Property for Sale:

Ship Bottom is a wonderful place to both buy and rent a shore home or vacation property. In terms of property for sale, beachfront rentals, the vacation homes, Ship Bottom offers some of the greatest variety on all of Long Beach Island (LBI). Ship Bottom has bayside, bayfront, beachfront, oceanside and lagoon front homes for sale and rent.

About Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island

To get on Long Beach Island (LBI), you have to come through the Borough of Ship Bottom. The unusual name is as it says and was given to the area as far back as the early 1800's when a particular ship ran aground during a heavy fog. This vessel was said to have been tossed and overturned by the strong tides and by the time rescuers arrived, there appeared to be no hope for any survivors. Then, a knocking was heard coming from inside the ship's hull. After several minutes of working with axes and any other tools, the rescuers were able to tear a hole in the bottom of the ship where they found a young women, exhausted and in shock, but alive.

When coming to Long Beach Island (LBI)As you complete your drive over the causeway from Manahawkin, you will hop from Bonnet Island to Cedar Bonnet Island and finally land in the community of Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island. The Borough seems to be much more active and busy than the other communities on the island, and this is probably due for the most part to the traffic. New Jersey's route 72 ends here amongst a jungle of gas stations, popular businesses and several traffic signs that may be confusing to those not familiar with the junction.

Municipal Offices
Borough of Ship Bottom Municipal Building
1621 Long Beach Blvd
Ship Bottom, NJ 08008
Phone: (609) 494-2171
Official Web Site: http://www.shipbottom.org/

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