Holgate Shore Rentals and Sale Property:

Holgate offers some of the nicest beachfront property for sale, beachfront rentals and vacation homes on Long Beach Island (LBI). Holgate real estate, both properties for sale and rent, offer a very quaint style of island living. Bay front, bayside, beachside and beachfront, Holgate has it all.

About Holgate, Long Beach Island

Most of the southern end of the Island below Beach Haven is called Holgate. South Beach Haven and Beach Haven Inlet are usually considered smaller subdivisions of this community. Holgate is controlled by Long Beach Township. Holgate is located at the southernmost tip of Long Beach Island. It is a quiet community where vacationers enjoy a short walk to the beach. Most residents own their own summer cottage or come to stay in one of the many motels.
There is even a trailer-park in the area. Holgate is home to the Beach Haven Inlet and the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge adjacent to the town as well. This two and one-half mile stretch of beach and marshland is closed to visitors during the summer season to protect the animals and environment. However, many people enjoy the natural surroundings during the late Fall through early Spring.

Municipal offices
Long Beach Municipal Complex
6805 Long Beach Boulevard
Brant Beach, NJ 08008
Phone: (609) 361-1000
Fax: (609) 494-5421
Email: lbt@longbeachtownship.com
Official Web Site: http://longbeachtownship.com/

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